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SMD LED Candle Light

36pcs 5050smd led candle

36pcs 5050smd led candle
replacement led candle,LED Corn Lights 36pcs smd5050 LED lamp. High brightness smd5050 as light source. Can replace 20W halogen light. B22/GU10/MR16/E27/JDR/E14/E40 are available for lamp base Ware white for home lighting and Cool white for commercial lighting Unique appearance.


LED Retrofit Corn

Housing Materials Plastic cover
Demension(D×H)mm Φ41×114mm
Input voltage 220-240V AC
Wattage 6.5W
Beam angle 360°
LED Quantity 36
Stype 5050 3chip
Luminous Flux Epistar 10×23mil 15-18Lm
Luminous Flux(Lm) 450Lm
Replace Halogen lamp 50W
Colour rendering index(Ra) 70
Colour temperature(K) 3000K / 6000K
Average Lifetime(Hr) 40000

replacement led candle bulb

36SMD LED energy saving lamp in e27/e14 a beautiful and stylish light bulb,
Economical and Green replacement for 20W halogen lamp with 80% saving in
running costs power consumption only 4w and No heat release cool running bulb
which is combined with the latest LED technology featuring high brightness light
output with wide beam angle for diffuse light is ideal for general purpose room lighting,
The second generation with Super Bright light output,
Constructed to high quality with extended reliability for long life,

LED Corn Retrofit Lights FEATURES:
1. No UV or IR in the spectrum.
2. Energy-saving, Environment friendly, and only 20% power consumption of halogen lamp and incandescent lamp.
3. Aluminum-alloy lamp housing for superior heat dissipation.
4. Particularly designed constant current driver for open or short circuit protection.
5. LED Colors : Cool White, Natural White, Warm White
7. Low power consumption,Green energy products
8. Maintenance Free
9. Safe and easy to assemble
10. Long Lifespan&warranty,40000hrs and 2 years guarantee

1. Replacement bulbs for traditional halogen&CFL lamps,
especially for museums, art galleries, cosmetic,where UV or IR radiation is undesirable.
2.The LED Corn Lamp are green lighting fixtures for illumination lighting. 
LED Corn Lamp are a new generation of lighting technology and now they are used extensively for general lighting
3.Suitable for products range of hotel, bar, warehouse, hardware store, lighting store,  
exhibition booth,supermarket, electronic store, show room, and internet shop and so on
Emporium, Courtyard, Park lighting
Park, Square, Road lighting;
Aisle, Corridor, Toilet, warehouse lighting;
Shopping Malls, Schools, Factory lighting;
Display window, Showroom decoratation, Counter lighting

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