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Led Downlight

5w/10w/15w/20w led downlight

5w/10w/15w/20w led downlight
recessed led ceiling lights,5/10/15/20pcs 1W LED Downlight High power 1W as light source. Can replace 50w/100w/150w/200w traditional bulb. Ware white for home lighting and Cool white for commercial lighting Unique appearance to replace traditonal 230v/240 halogen ceiling lamp


recessed led ceiling lights

Item No:T8117
Light source: 5/10/15/20pcs 1W  Edison/Bridgelux/CREE LED
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Power consumption: 5W/10W/15W/20W
Size(mm): ΦDia 107*H70mm
Installation Hole Size: Φ 92mm
Color Temperature: 2700K-3500K 4000K-4500K 6000K-6500K
Color Rendering Index: > 75ra
Viewing Angle 30/45/60 Degree
Power Factor: > 93%
Material of body: Aluminum Alloy + Optics Acrylic

5w/10w/15w/20w led downlight

1. LED Colors : Cool White, Natural White, Warm White
2. Energy-saving and environment-friendly
3. Low power consumption,Green energy products
4. Maintenance Free
5. Constant current circuit
6. Safe and easy to assemble
7. Long Lifepan&warranty,40000hrs and 2 years guarantee

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