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Led Downlight

3W led downlight

3W led downlight
cheap recessed led downlight,3pcs 1W LED Downlight High power 1W as light source. Can replace 30W traditional bulb. Ware white for home lighting and Cool white for commercial lighting Unique appearance to replace traditonal 230v/240 halogen ceiling lamp


Cheap led downlight from China SPECIFICATION

Item No:T3129
Light source: 3PCS 1W Edison/Bridgelux/CREE LED
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Power consumption: 3W
Size(mm): ΦDia81*H50mm
Installation Hole Size: Φ 68mm
Color Temperature: 2700K-3500K 4000K-4500K 6000K-6500K
Color Rendering Index: > 75ra
Viewing Angle 30/45/60 Degree
Power Factor: > 93%
Material of body: Aluminum Alloy + Optics Acrylic

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