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SMD Led Tube

T8 Led Tube Light

T8 Led Tube Light
SMD 3528 T8 LED Tube Light,The LED tube has a number of advantages compared with the traditional fluorescent tubes: 1. Less Energy Consumption. 2. Longer Lifetime. 3. Less Maintenance. 4. Less Waste. 5. Better Light Quality. 6. No Ignition. 7. Intelligent Embedded Control. LED T8 Tube is replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes in factories, hotels, offices, homes, malls, exhibition halls, etc. LED tube will help to cut cost, especially that in factories, offices and hotels.



Item NO. Type Power LED Quantity Luminous Flux Dimension Color Temperature Range
3528T8-60CM-8W T8 9W 120 PCS 600-700LM Ф26*600mm 3000K-7000K
3528T8-60CM-10W T8 10W 144 PCS 750-850LM Ф26*600mm
3528T8-90CM-14W T8 14W 180 PCS 900-1000LM Ф26*900mm
3528T8-120CM-15W T8 15W 240 PCS 1350-1450LM Ф26*1200mm
3528T8-120CM-17W T8 17W 276 PCS 1550-1650LM Ф26*1200mm
3528T8-120CM-18W T8 18W 288 PCS 1650-1750LM Ф26*1200mm
3528T8-120CM-22W T8 22W 336 PCS 1550-1650LM Ф26*1200mm
3528T8-120CM-25W T8 25W 360 PCS 2000-2100LM Ф26*1200mm
3528T8-150CM-20W T8 20W 288 PCS 1650-1750 LM Ф26*1500mm
3528T8-150CM-25W T8 25W 360 PCS 1900-2000LM Ф26*1500mm
3528T8-150CM-25W t8 35W 456 PCS 2650-2750LM Ф26*1500mm  
Input Voltage:  AC85-265V
Operating Frequency:  50/60Hz
Power Factor: ≥0.9
LED Chip Type:  Epistar(Taiwan)
Color-rendering Index: ≥75 Ra
Harmonic(HD): ≤20%
Housing:  PC tube, Aluminum alloy
Frame:  SMD 3528
Humidity:  95%
Lifetime: ≥50000 H

SMD 3528 T8 LED Tube Light

LED TUBES Features:
1, High brightness, using super bright 3528 SMD LED.
2, Energy saving, driven by high efficiency constant current than traditional energy-saving fluorescent 80%.
3, Low energy consumpiton, can reach 50000 hours.
4, Strong weather ability, not sensitive to temperature, moisture to the wider.
5, It's simple-designed and easy to use.
6, Environmental protection, not heavy metals and harmfrl gas.
7, No glimmered, protedtion to your eyes.



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